Monday, November 29, 2010

Yay for more new computer stuffs!

So, as a lot of you know I'd ordered and built a new computer recently. Well, due to lack of super monies, I couldn't finish it so I went with the bare essentials. Well I just got payed and am finishing it for the most part! Just spent another $400, heh. x_x

Anyway.. This is what I've just ordered -

  • ATI Radeon HD 6850 1GB Graphics Card. It's a new model and runs shit like YEEEEE.
  • 4GBs of RAM. This will add on to the 2GBs I already have, it'll help for running my Minecraft server and generally just running stuff, looking forward to it.
  • 23" eMachines Widescreen Display. Sure, eMachines is a pretty crappy brand name, but it's a 23" monitor for $120 bucks. I couldn't pass it up.
And that's it! Everything is yet again, bought from


  1. I am now really annoyed... I need better computer parts or my comp. won't run my games well at all... I think 3 gig of ram will be enough with a a decent video card though... but 6 gig of RAM is really good...

  2. 3GBs is plenty for gaming in most cases. It's just, I do a lot more than gaming and require more, so I figured I'd just go a tad over the top. Hell I'll prolly get another 2gbs soon just to fill up the last slot on my motherboard, haha.

  3. Im curious to how big your case is to fit all this stuff into?

  4. Better to have more than not enough. :3

  5. @RayRayRawr -

    Dimensions(L x W x H) : 20.50" x 8.00" x 17.75"