Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Q&A Answers 7 ft. Kilplix

Longest Q&A ever.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Woohoo tech gasms.

Well, this month I made a pretty penny and decided I really should fix my computer up a bit. One huge factor about my computer is that ever since I upgraded my CPU, it's been the laggiest crap ever. This is because my motherboard didn't support more than 4 cores of processing. I found a really neat motherboard a while back for $130 that supported 6 cores and had great reviews from gamers, so I decided to bookmark it.

Yesterday I went to order it, and to my surprise the price dropped to 80! I grabbed it so quick. I used every ounce of quickness in my body. That's not a lot, but still.

Decided to use the extra money I saved to grab a 1tb hard drive, since I'm running on about 80 gigs left with mine, and really had nothing to get rid of, plus I plan on doing a lot more recording with the new support the motherboard will give me. I'll be adding the 1tb on top of my 500gb, so that'll get me by for quite a while.

Thanks to this, I'm hoping I can Livestream a lot more. I will test it tonight by Livestreaming my Borderlands session with Austin and Jonna (We've been playing that a lot lately, since neither of them ever actually finished the game. Hopefully I stop crashing too, D:).

Going off on some more nerdgasm news, Crysis 2 had an update I've been anxious for since the game came out. Crysis 2 now supports DX11 and they also released new high resolution textures. This will make the game even more gorgeous than it already was. They have a video of it on their YouTube channel, I think. Other than that there are screenshots at

I'm super excited to try that out when the computer parts arrive. Yes, they are arriving today, I pumped out the extra 30 bucks for overnight shipping, haha.

Austin keeps assuring me I shouldn't get my hopes too high, which is true. I don't want to expect the best computer ever and just get some small upgrade that will only help out to some extent. I can't help it, though. I always get so giddy about tech stuff, haha.

I guess some links are in order, if you guys are curious as to the parts I'm ordering.


Hard Drive:

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Robot Savior OUT NOW!

So after this long I finally got around to finishing the songs and releasing the album. Of course, it's free, to a limitation. As stated before, Bandcamp allows for free downloads using a ticket count. When these tickets run out (1 ticket is used for each download), I have to charge money for the album. When the tickets are gone the album will only be $3 until I can purchase more tickets (yes, in order to allow you guys to download the album for free I have to pay). Luckily there are some awesome fans who donate every now and then and I use that money to keep the tickets up. And now, here it is.

Advert video :

Album -

Notes about the album -

I think out of them all, my favorite track is definitely "ReInspired". It was inspired mostly by Homestuck music and early Resident Evil games, which can show through very easily. It's definitely a turn from the normal fast paced fuckshit I normally produce (i.e. Batshit Fuckstep).

I love all the songs on this album though, none the less. I worked pretty hard on it, and I think it's a huge improvement from "Respite".

I have a huge project for my next album involving a lot of beat boxing. ;)

Monday, June 20, 2011


I don't have a lot to say, actually. Uhhh. Hi! Let's converse. How are you?

Monday, June 13, 2011


Tate Plays Minecraft is uploading. I really didn't wanna do this but it's by popular demand. We'll see how far I make it. xd

Friday, June 3, 2011


Been a while since I posted a blog post. I've been pretty busy. I've been playing a lot of Maple Story lately, and anytime I'm not doing that I have Flash open or I'm editing a video. Sure, Maple could be considered free time, but oh well, I'm enjoy myself.

I currently play in Windia, and at this moment I am a 76 Chief Bandit. Pretty funded, thanks to fans who watch the Livestream and stalk me. I'm really appreciative to them, since they were so generous with wanting to fill my inventory, haha.

As for upcoming animations, I have a couple in mind, one being drawn and one being a Maple Story music video in celebration that BannedStory is back.

How've you guise been? :D