Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years

Hey guys, so it's New Years Eve and I'm super excited for the oncoming events. I wanted to go over a few things I plan doing over the next year, or next couple months depending on how lazy or productive I am.

First - Recap. Last year held a lot of importance to GoldenTotProductions as a channel for entertainment. It went from animation style to animation style, and even became a career. For those who haven't been around too long, here's what I'm talking about. GoldenTotProductions started out as a sprite animation channel based on the popular MMORPG Maple Story. From the start to the end, it built up a pretty good sized fan base. Well, in the long run I wanted my animations to take me somewhere. I was sick of using someone else's work and not being able to be 100% original, so I dropped sprites. Mid 2010, GoldenTotProductions was no longer known as a sprite animation channel, but moved onto drawn animations. This mostly consists of stick animated comedies, but there are a few that are more detailed.

Soon after moving onto stick figures, I was contacted by YouTube to sign up for the partnership program. For those who don't know what partnership is, it's when you agree to have Google advertise on your movies in turn for a % of that income, as well as promotion. You know those ads when you view someone's video, or website that are by Google? Well, when those ads are clicked or viewed, the owner of the content makes money. That's how GoldenTotProductions is literally my job, now. In terms of promotion, your videos are pulled up closer to the top of searches, and even have a chance to appear on the front page of YouTube. You also get the availability to brand your channel to be unique, such as with a banner like on my page.

Well, now that I've gone over all that, I'll tell you what I have planned! As I've been talking about a lot lately, I did order a tablet. It will be here on Monday (Delivery keeps getting postponed, ffff), and I've never been more excited! This will be a huge step in my animation career. This will allow me to move on from the less detailed world of stick figure animation, toward the amazingly detailed and complex world of full body animation. This means instead of stick people doing funny stuff, they will be more like.. I guess I wanna say Egoraptor, since he's my main inspiration LOL.

Well. Yea. Once all is said and practiced, I want to get into a lot more animating. I want to do a lot more comedies, and even start a series with a nice plot and such.

That's really it. What to start the new year off with..? How about a new Kilplix's Comments! Haven't seen one of those in a while, eh? c:

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New set up with HORRIBLE pictures!

So as I stated a couple blogs ago, I ordered a new desk. Well, it came, and I built it. Alone. It took about 4 hours, and I couldn't sleep last night because my hands and forearms were so sore LOL.

I'm very happy with it, and I took a few VERY low quality pictures of it. I need a new camera. This is taken with my mom's crappy cell.

In this picture above, it's a front view of my desk. You can see my couch too, I have that pulled up to it, sitting back as I'm on the computer. This is because my chair hasn't come in yet. Super comfy, yo. 

In this one, it's the view as if you were sitting in front of it. I have dual screen monitors, that barely fit. The 2nd monitor is an old bulky one, I'm going to replace it with another 23". You can also see my subwoofer below it olol.

This is the very dark under part of my desk where my speaker system is set up, along with my tower.

(This is what the desk is supposed to look like. I removed the door on the top right because my monitor is too big.

And that's basically it. My chair should be here today, and I'll be cleaning the hell out of my room. :'D

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tablet on it's way!

Okay. Finally did it. I ordered a tablet! I've already stated it, but this is a pretty big thing for GoldenTotProductions as an animated entertainer. Basically, every animation you've seen me do is drawn with a mouse, and poorly at that. Well, no longer! My animations will now look amazing! Super exciting, right?

If you don't know what a tablet is, it's an input device you plug into your computer known as an "electronic notepad". You're given a pen, and a pad, and what you do on it is draw! Whatever you draw on the tablet, shows up in whatever art program you have open on your computer. It can also be used as an alternative mouse, but it's primary use is art.

With this, there is a 90% chance I'll move from stick figures to full body comedies, and maybe a series of some sort.

Here's the tablet I ordered - Genius G-Pen F509


Sunday, December 26, 2010

My birthday comes to a close.

Welp, 20 minutes left here on the east coast of my birthday. It was a pretty good one!

Basically all I did was Livestream vidya games and chat with my birthday buddy Dollia (It's her birthday, too xD) but it was generally a good day. Grams (my grandma) stopped by and dropped off my Christmas/Birthday gifts from her and Dad. She overworked herself this year so she didn't go shopping, she just gave everyone money, and that's fine with me!

I actually just woke up from a little long nap, so yaaay. One thing I'm happy about is finally paying Pepsi back for Black Ops. I feel bad for paying him back so late, but I only get payed once a month so poo!

Whelp. I'm 20 now. I'mma go be old and stuff. Bye!

Friday, December 24, 2010


So, on the east coast it's CHRISTMAS! You know what that means? MOTHER FUCKING EGG NOG ALCHOHOL DRINKS.

Well, maybe not so much, but presents and family gatherings! Also, I TURN 20 TOMORROW! :DDDD

Today I'm going to spend Christmas at my grandma's house. Dinner will be an annual dosage of BBQ, and we will sit at the fireplace watching Christmas specials on TV while opening presents.

I ordered her an Elvis Presley CD for Christmas, like she wanted. Top 31 hits! It was pretty cheap on Amazon C:. Also, my mom's christmas gift is me paying the electric bill for her LOL.

Also, I got carried away with my spendings and bought myself a new computer desk and chair. Also A TABLET! Fiiinallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Super excited. :)))))))

Tell me how your Christmas went, or your plans!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

[Maple] Battle Mage / Wild Hunter

Warning - This is partially a rage filled blog.

Okay so the new "Resistance" line up of classes game out. Currently we are able to play Battle Mages and Wild Hunters. In January, Mechanics will be released.

Think about this before you make one - Do you want to get KS'd like fuck, or KS other people like fuck?

Yea, that's how the resistance work. I chose a Battle Mage since I was never a fan of archer classes in any game I've played, and here's how it works. You find a map to train in, level up, have some fun, and then a Wild Hunter comes in and starts KSing the shit out of you for no reason. You ask them politely to CC, they either ignore or flame you. Okay whatever, find a new channel. You do! Just so happens the very next channel is empty. 5 minutes into your new channel, a Wild Hunter comes in and begins to KS the fuck out of you again. This goes on and on and on.

If you ever see a Wild Hunter train, they almost never bother KSing other Wild Hunters, but as soon as they see a Battle Mage, they go all out on them. I don't know what the obsession with making others want to quit a game due to the community is, but it seems almost every KSer I've ever encountered is fucking foreign. No offense to you foreigners who actually play the game fairly and along with other people, but what the FUCK.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Final Fantasy MMO addictionssss.

So the other day I'd gotten Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Collection on sale, figured why not? First month is free with the purchase. Funny thing is, it's on sale for $5 today, when it was on sale for $10 yesterday. Oh well.

Anyway, I know all the Final Fantasy and Square Enix generall MMORPGs have gotten pretty bad reviews in the past but I'm actually enjoying FFXI. It's not much, but it's definitely a time killer. I looked up FF XIV and the monthly fee is the same, and it's a newer version. Graphics, gameplay, and so on. From what I see the battle system is basically identical to FFXI, but the main flaw with me playing FFXI 5 years after the release is that no one plays it anymore. What I'm gonna do when I get payed and gather Christmas / Birthday monies I'm gonna get Final Fantasy XIV and play that for a while.

One thing I'd like to say about my YouTube channel, and regarding me not really uploading anything lately. It's basically because I've been enjoying my free time, spending it towards gaming mostly. Most of my PC life was spent doing boring things like browsing and animating because my computer was never that great, and now that I can game I guess I'm trying to make up for lost time haha.

Well, tomorrow (being whenever I wake up), I'm going to start on a new Q&A. What I'm going to do with these from now on is select 5 questions from the comments and answer them. Why only 5? Because I want to incorporate actual animation and entertainment in them, rather than a still image while I ramble on. The Q&A will become a series and in the long run hopefully give people a lot of insight toward me and a lot of entertainment.


Next up.. Birthday!

My birthday is coming up! Along with my friend Dollia's. Our birthday is on the same day 8D

December 26th! I'll be turning 20 and she'll be turning 17. I'm so upset I won't be a teenager anymore ;_;..

Well, hope you guys have a great holiday season. I'll probably post another blog on Christmas to let you guys know how mine went and to ask how yours was!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Maple rage

Well, as those who've played, you know the new patch changed a LOT. Well, for the most part I love it, but there's one downside.

From level 90 to 120, you can't freaking train. They limited the good EXP to a single map, and EVERYONE in the entire game swarms it. I'm going to play a lot less until Nexon's done something about this, from what I hear it'll soon be changed again.

Bluh, yea.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

LUL MapleStory

Yup. I'm playing again. As always (if you've kept up with me since I played Maple), I'm in Broa.

The new patch is super cool. The entire game has changed and it's SOOO easy to level now. If I wasn't lazy and kept getting sidetracked I'd be 50 by now, and I just started the character a day ago. <:

Check out the details on the MapleStory website!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Gaming computer CAWMPLEET.

Well yea for the most part. I just got the last of my stuff that I ordered.

After installing everything I anxiously loaded up L4D2 and pumped everything on highest possible settings (Except V-Sync of course), and was running at an average of 120 FPS. I'm stoked, dood. I can finally stream and play games normally!

Current system specs -
3.2GHz Quad Core CPU
1GB ATI Radeon HD 6850
23" 1080p Monitor

Time to horde my days to gaming some more!


In addition to the specs, here are some FPS peaks I've gotten through the games I've went through today.

Keep in mind every game I'm listing was played on highest settings possible.

Left 4 Dead 2 - 120 FPS
Borderlands - 66 FPS (I think because I can't turn V-Sync off)
Battlefield Bad Company 2 - 60~80 FPS
Vindictus - 60 FPS