Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Terraria. In the 24 hours it was out, I managed to play it for 17.9 hours (According to Steam). I'm SO addicted, and it's so fun. For those who don't know, it's a hint of Minecraft, with a hint of Castlevania.

The game opens up and what do you need to do? You need to gather materials and make a house to survive the night. We've heard that before. Cool, but later on, you build more houses and NPCs move in and inhabit them, offering different services to you! You then venture into the depths to find jewels and ore to craft new weapons and armor out of, while fighting off hoards of monsters depending on the depth.

After you're geared up it's a good time to head to a corrupted area, dive into a chasm, and start breaking open some fucked up orbs! This will either get you lucky and spawn a meteor to mine in your map, or just spawn a boss to wipe you out. Either way it's a fun ordeal.

There's tons more, and I'mma start making vidyas! The game is only $10 on Steam, just go to http://terraria.org/

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My battlestation.

A few people on the Livestream wanted to know how my rig was set up, so here's a picture! I know I uploaded one a while back but this one's got some new toys.

It's a little messy under the desk but FUCK IT I DON'T CARE. I has Ramen because it's dinner time.

New bed? New bed.

Yep. I finally replaced my piece of shit 15 year old broken down, rusted spring emitting, caved in mattress. I just bought a futon from Walmart for about $130, and it was worth every penny. Just slept on it last night for the first time and I ended up sleeping for 14 hours. That's the most sleep I've gotten for a looong time. I feel great right now, woke up, gonna have some breakfast, and work out a bit. Also playing Hidden today :)

Austin just released the first of many to come Hidden Source highlights on his channel. It's hilarious, and very entertaining to watch! Hidden is also a free mod, I think I've made a blog about it before.

So yea! I'm happy today. Hope you guys are too!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Feeling alright now, I guess.

I basically spent all day yesterday in FL Studio and playing games. Finished a new song which is titled "Robot Savior", and will also name the title the same thing. An acquaintance of mine offered to do the album art so I'm waiting for that to release the song on YouTube. It's pretty sick, mostly Drum n Bass, but near the end takes an awesome trance turn. I might make an extended trance mix later on to release along with the album. Next I'll be trying my hand at some dubstep since I got some sick Skrillex massive presets from my buddy Taps.

After music is done, Austin and I decided to play some Hidden. I'm glad we got back into that game, it's pretty fun. A lot of new people are playing it too now since he released his video on the blog. I bet it'll get a lot more popular when the video is uploaded publicly, and I'm pretty excited for that. We played that for a couple hours or so but got sick of it since the servers we were playing kept crashing. I decided to try my hand in booting a server up for us to play but when I actually launch the server, the game crashes. It's a tad annoying, but hopefully I'll work my way around it so we can have a good stable fun server to our liking.

Later last night we ended up playing some Borderlands with Jonna. We'd all started the game over recently and have been playing a bit here and there together, and it's been super fun. Hopefully we'll get to do it a little more often, haha. The most fun part of the night was shooting my team mates as apparently my bullets can now heal them. I'm such a boss.

But yea, I'm gonna just keep on doing fun crap and not think about petty stuff that keeps me down. Hopefully soon I'll have what I finished of Shooting Stars up on YouTube, as well as Robot Savior.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fucking sick of shit.

I just need to rant. Been having a bad week so far, even though it's only 3 days into it.

So yesterday was a pretty decent day up until the night. Was super excited because I had ordered a new CPU, and it was due to arrive. I finally got it, installed it, and had problems among problems getting it to function. Eventually after frustration, I got it to work. Decided hey I'll test out some games to see how this CPU will improve my experience. Oh what's that? It didn't improve at all! I mean I only upgraded from 3 to 6 cores, and got the best AMD CPU on market. Why would anything improve? Sure browsing around my computer is a little faster, and I can function a tiny bit better in flash, but when it comes down to it, I get even worse FPS than before in some games when I Livestream. It's pathetic. I was looking so forward to playing Bad Company 2 and being able to stream it and that was pretty much crushed. It's fucked up because apparently Procaster + BC2 = 100% CPU usage, but sometimes my usage will drop down to like 50 and I'll have great FPS for a while. Maybe switching stream sites will help. Justin.tv or uStream maybe.

Well, throughout the night I played some more games, and to add to the frustration I basically sucked at everything that night. All I could do properly was rage. Eventually got sick of it and decided to turn in early, fell asleep around 9pm.

This morning I wake up to my dog going insane, jumping up to the windows and barking like a maniac. I finally get up and look over my couch to see what he's barking at (My couch is beside my bed), and I see the shadow of a guy crouched down staring in my room. First thought is "Oh great, another fucking robber". I'll assume he was looking for a chance to break in, or something to break in for. Luckily my dog has a vicious bark and I guess kept him at bay. Once I woke up and told Ollie to shut up, he left. For some reason it didn't surprise me, as if I was used to it. I guess I kinda expect it all the time considering I live in a shit ghetto neighborhood.

Well, next up, I go on Maplemation and check the adsense stats. For some reason over the last couple days the hits have dropped to a ridiculous low. I decided to look more into it and found out one of my admins changed the sponsored link to a J-List sponsored link, which is a Japanese online outlet for a ton of weeaboo type products. The thing that pissed me off most about that was that the site is a half adult site. Even on the front page you see anime junk hanging out, and my website is a Maple Story animating community. Half the members are 12~14 years old, and I'd get a ton of shit if they'd maybe clicked the sponsored link and their parents saw them looking at some sort of hentai they didn't mean to click.

I have a huge feeling this isn't going to be the end of shit. Not sure how much more I can take before I fucking explode.

Edit - Also I got fucked over by Netflix and they took money out of my account when I didn't even owe shit, and got overdrafted for $50 bucks. Had to pay that, AND pay my mom extra rent because apparently paying every fucking bill isn't enough. I plan on moving out this year but at this rate I'm just digging myself into a hole.

Edit 2 - The .fla file for the Shooting Stars music video I was working on for months is now corrupt, and my screen recording program keeps crashing so I can't upload what I did finish to YouTube. This is really fucking amazing.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Close to a milestone.

Welp, I'm looking at my YouTube and it seems in a couple weeks or so I should have 25,000 subscribers. I think as a special I'm going to be playing a few online games via Livestream with the audience, as well as doing some live Q&A while playing. Does that sound pretty nice? I think it's a little cliché at this point to do a thanks video, since I don't have enough time to whip up an epic special.