Thursday, March 3, 2011

Final verdict on Crysis 2?

Okay so I know I've only played the demo, which includes only 2 levels, 2 game modes, and 4 guns. I don't give a fuck, this is like my new favorite game.

I don't know what it is about it either, but Austin and I make the most amazing team. I swear when we're on the same team, we never lose.

I just woke up and loaded up to play a quick round and test higher graphics settings and came out with my best match ever.

16.0 K/D? Fuck yea.


  1. Holy shit, dude. 16 KD? That's fucking awesome.

  2. Holy frick. That's just awesome :'D

  3. Tate. Do you know of any good animation/drawing programs?

  4. No, why would you assume I'd know something so off topic of what I do for a living?

  5. Care to share your wisdom? I'm thinking of becoming an animator...the problem is, I don't know any good software. Please help.