Sunday, March 6, 2011

Goldenplixia - The Tour

So yea! Kilplix and I have been working pretty hard on a town in Minecraft! Hand crafting every building, and leveling the island to do so. We've worked a total of about a week on it, and are no where near done. What we have so far is in these videos, as a small video tour! Hope you guys enjoy.

Kilplix and I will both be uploading footage from the building, giving tours, and uploading plain funny moments.


  1. I must say, you two did a Fantastic job!
    I especially love how dedicated you guys were to leveling that entire island xD just Great.

  2. Part 2 uploaded and linked!

  3. So wait.
    You guys are going to build a huge Castle beyond those watch towers? :) Aweomes

  4. I admire you guys. Seriosuly, event though you use commands to get stuff.

    I mean, levelling the freaking island. OMG. I'm trying in single player, and when it gets dark and a creeper blows, I had the FFFFUU-- of my night and cry ;_;

    ...Oh wait, torches.