Monday, April 11, 2011

Homestuck addiction.

You know, for the longest time I put off reading Homestuck just because the beginning bored and confused the shit out of me. I finally decided to give it another shot and JESUS FUCK I'M SO ADDICTED. Read all the way to Act 5 through the last couple days and have been meeting some of the community from the forum and their fan messenger "PESTERCHUM" (which yes, is now a real messenger program used for MSPA goers), and man it's awesome.

First off, the community is amazing. I've never talked to a group of people and had all of them be so kind from the start. Also they're all generally mature and of an older age group so they're easier for me to relate to.

Second, the comic itself is so interesting after it picks up. It was pretty boring and odd at first, but that's because the story hadn't had time to develop for me yet I guess. I'll be reading more of it today, haha.

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  1. Do you have a account on the fourm?