Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Feeling alright now, I guess.

I basically spent all day yesterday in FL Studio and playing games. Finished a new song which is titled "Robot Savior", and will also name the title the same thing. An acquaintance of mine offered to do the album art so I'm waiting for that to release the song on YouTube. It's pretty sick, mostly Drum n Bass, but near the end takes an awesome trance turn. I might make an extended trance mix later on to release along with the album. Next I'll be trying my hand at some dubstep since I got some sick Skrillex massive presets from my buddy Taps.

After music is done, Austin and I decided to play some Hidden. I'm glad we got back into that game, it's pretty fun. A lot of new people are playing it too now since he released his video on the blog. I bet it'll get a lot more popular when the video is uploaded publicly, and I'm pretty excited for that. We played that for a couple hours or so but got sick of it since the servers we were playing kept crashing. I decided to try my hand in booting a server up for us to play but when I actually launch the server, the game crashes. It's a tad annoying, but hopefully I'll work my way around it so we can have a good stable fun server to our liking.

Later last night we ended up playing some Borderlands with Jonna. We'd all started the game over recently and have been playing a bit here and there together, and it's been super fun. Hopefully we'll get to do it a little more often, haha. The most fun part of the night was shooting my team mates as apparently my bullets can now heal them. I'm such a boss.

But yea, I'm gonna just keep on doing fun crap and not think about petty stuff that keeps me down. Hopefully soon I'll have what I finished of Shooting Stars up on YouTube, as well as Robot Savior.

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  1. d-_-b cant wait man. Sounds Awsome. V.V but then again wish I could play. e_e stupid graphic card always dieing on MineCraft. <,< stupid me being toborke to buy a new one.