Thursday, May 5, 2011

My battlestation.

A few people on the Livestream wanted to know how my rig was set up, so here's a picture! I know I uploaded one a while back but this one's got some new toys.

It's a little messy under the desk but FUCK IT I DON'T CARE. I has Ramen because it's dinner time.


  1. .. You call that messy? You should see my room. I'm a little OCD about organization, but not about my stuff. It's just piles and things shoved in drawers. o_o;

    Your room looks so organized compared to mine. ;-; It's beautiful.

  2. That's just a corner of my room. If I pan to the left you'd see a shit ton of boxes.

  3. xD I like the "Battlestation"
    Got a nice setup going! It's very uncluttered actually.

    I've been considering setting up dual monitors, is it weird having different sizes or do you not notice the difference when using them?

    Keep up the good work being the most tatery tot on the net! :D

  4. Yea I notice a different big time. The two are also different resolution size ratios, so it's kinda silly. You get used to going back and forth with them, though. I use the one on the right for messengers, and browsers and crap, then the one on the left is used for my main projects since I usually have something important open haha.

  5. Wow. A Blue LED headset. Well.. Atleast the people you camchat with won't have a problem with too little background lightning? :P
    Also, great setup! Hugeass subwoofer, shit man. I want that stuff. I'm using a plain $50,- Logitech 5.1 surround sound system. :(
    Any suggestions for speaker systems with better subwoofers? :P I'm thinking about upgrading!

  6. Mine's a sony setup. 2 surround sound speakers and a sub. Friend gave 'em to me lol. Also the LED light is from my tower, the angle just made it look like the headset was glowing haha.

  7. Tate, dunno if you gonna read this, but I kind of figure out your AMD CPU issue.

    The thing is like this, your mobo 880GM-E41 (it's like mine lol) only supports processors with a TDP up to 95 watts. You put in a Phenom II X6, that CPU series have a TDP of 125 watts.

    In few words, you're killing your mobo and CPU at the same time and on top of that you're overheating it. Switch back to the Athlon II X3 or buy an Athlon II X4. Those have a TDP of 95 watts max.

    ...or buy a better mobo.

    My two cents.

    Also, nice setup :D.

  8. I'll probably go for a better motherboard soon enough.

  9. Also the temp of everything has never exceeded 40c yet, which is apparently pretty cool. I have a really nice cooling system set up so yea xD

  10. You shud show us the cable management in ur system.

  11. Motherboards are actually pretty cheap compared to the other component prices. You already have the most expensive part, the CPU. A Mobo upgrade would be wise then.
    How's your RAM? That affects gaming speeds as well.

    And 40c is awesomely cool. =| Most graphics cards consider in the 90s and higher being burning up. I live in Florida without ac, and mine even idles at 50c just when watching youtube videos. But my cooling setup is very poor.
    Well my point being, if you're running no higher than 40c, your system isn't overheating in the least.

  12. the fucks ramen? do you eat Nikos cuz-oh wait thats Roman so you ate rayman---no thats still wrong....what the fuck is ramen anyways?

  13. ramen is a package of cheap and quick/easy to make noodles. heat up water, the dried noodles soak it up, then stir in the flavor pack. good stuff when you're on a tight budget or just need something quick. lots of college students live off it, since you just need hot water to eat :D

    it's not bad, actually

  14. It's not good for you but it's definitely budget food. $0.99 for a 6 pack at my grocery. :D

  15. Tate .. i want to record games with some friends too but .. i cant like record the game sounds when im using head phones. i cant sound record wats in the computer when im using head phones ... wat do u use to record? can u plz tell me?>