Sunday, July 17, 2011

Unfortunate Events.

I don't give a fuck what religion you are, all I'm asking is for your thoughts or prayers to go out to the Holmes family.

Yesterday just before 7:00pm, as my grandmother (who I refer to as Grams) and her boyfriend were on their motorcycles with about 4 or 5 other couples all taking a trip to Indiana with the thought of having some fun in mind. During this trip, one of the motorcycles was clipped by a reckless driver. The cyclist in turn flipped the driver off, which apparently is good enough reason to turn your car and run directly into the group of motorcycles.

Doing that, my grandmother and her boyfriend were flung into the air off their motorcycles. They were both hospitalized, and put under intensive care, as well as the driver.

They were rushed to the University hospital, and Grams ended up having gotten so fucked up from the accident, she may never walk again. When they pulled her boot off, basically every bone in her foot shattered. After all that, the one thing I am thankful for is that she is alive.

The same can not be said for her boyfriend. He died shortly after the accident. She has no idea, yet. The family is going to get together and let her know, and stay with her for moral support. My dad, however, is taking this extremely harshly. A few years ago he had been in an accident which caused severe trauma to the head. Due to his condition, he's being watched over to make sure nothing happens under his severe levels of stress. I can't imagine how he feels, being as close as he was with Grams boyfriend. What I'm even more afraid of is how she'll react. They were planned to marry in the next six months, and now he's gone..

I called my Dad after talking to the church's pastor, and supported him a bit. I'd never heard him that depressed and it took every fiber of my being not to break down and cry on the phone with him. I could tell he was happy I called, at least. He told me to call him whenever I needed, and that he loved me. I plan to call him every day or two to see how he's holding up, and perhaps spend a little more time with him.

I'm sorry to have dumped this on you guys, but I really needed to vent and this seemed like an okay place to do it. The entire family is extremely torn, especially my Dad and I. We're trying everything we can to keep our spirits up, and I just pray that everything will be okay.

Rest in peace, David Woosley.


  1. I will pray for your family. The world has no common sense nowadays and some people are complete assholes. It is alright to vent, you need people to listen. I will pray for you and your family and ask some church friends of mine to pray for you also. Stay and stand strong.

    -Tommy C

  2. omg...I'm so sorry that happened,Tate :c I pray for your family. Your grams,your dad,and you,I hope you stay okay. Ugh the nerve of some people. Just going and doing that.

    Again I'm sorry and I hope things will be okay.

  3. What in the actual hell? That's crazy man. I'm not one for praying but I shall do a ceremony in your name to bestow good tidings upon thee.

    Lots of love darlin' <3

  4. You, your grandmother, and everyone affected by this horrible event are in my thoughts Tate. Don't feel bad about telling us this. Everyone needs to vent every once and a while. We are always here for ya. I pray for your family.

    Keep on truckin,

  5. Everyone from any Faith believe be positive. My heart goes out to. I hope everything is gonna be OK. Stay Strong my friend.

  6. I'm so sorry, I hope your grandmother will be ok. Your family has my thoughts.

  7. Thanks guys, it means a lot.

  8. I can't express how sorry I am, Tate, and I can't even imagine what you, your Dad, and your Gram are going through right now, but I want you to know, Tate, that you are not alone in this. I know that we will all help you (If wanted) get through this, as much as we can.

    Best of wishes to you and your family,

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about such unfortunate events, Tate. I hope that things will look up soon - everything will be hopefully be alright in the end. You just have to take it one day at a time. My thoughts and best wishes go out to you and your family.
    Take care.

  10. I am so sorry to hear this. I will have your entire family in my mind today. Stay strong and remember that all of us will be praying for you, your dad, and your grandmother. Best wishes to your family.

  11. Believe me i will be praying for your grandma and your family, I can't even begin too understand ur pain but just know ur fans are behind you and ur family, and we feel for u.

  12. Holy shit Tate...thats harsh...

    I don't believe in god myself, but I'll make sure to send a prayer or two to your family.

    Good Luck,

    Ben, Las Vegas, Nevada

  13. Whoa, That is rough Tate. I'll pray for you guys, and ask others to as well.

  14. I'm so sorry that happened Tate, I hope things are getting better.. and I hope your grandma is taking things okay. <3<3

  15. I'm so sorry Tate, I'll keep them in my prayers. I hope you're doing okay <3

  16. Thats just so rough, man. I feel really sorry for you, man. I mean your grandmother is like the the wisest one in the family and now her wisdom has just been sucked out from her.. I hope she does okay, and as for her boyfriend, I hope he is in a better place. I'll be sure to pray for them, Tate.

  17. "Jeg kondolerer" basically means im very sorry for your loss. I just had no other word to express myself with.

    Thoughts from Denmark to you family. May you all be given the strength you need.

    - J.n.a.

  18. i so sorry to hear that i hope ur holding up ok

  19. that driver should rot in jail! what a descpicable person.
    oh tate i hope things look up for you and your family *hug*

  20. May he rest with doves above and watch over you all. Be strong Tate. You'll get through it.

    - Jakob G.

  21. I am so sorry Tate for your loss,I will pray for you,your Grams,your dad and the rest of your family... May your Grams's boyfriend rest in peace... Don't ever lose hope and never give up,be strong Tate,I know you can do it..
    Lots of love from me to you and your family <3