Thursday, July 21, 2011

Working hard.

I've been working really hard, focused on a lot of crap. You may be able to notice that from my latest animation "Liquid Ampora". I'm feeling a little better from the event posted in my most recent blog, and being actively working on something really helps.

Right now I have that animation done, and am also working on two music tracks. One is a remix to Around the World mixed up with One More Time both by Daft Punk. The other is a Prodigy inspired DNB track.

I am going to visit my Grandma and Dad on Saturday with my sister. Looking forward to it. From what I know, she's kept her spirits high, even after knowing of the loss of her boyfriend.

Thanks everyone for the support.


  1. Even tho your feeling better,i wont stop supporting you,good luck

  2. Im so glad you are better. Distractions help when your worried. Good luck visiting your family. Best of wishes. :)

  3. its good to know that youre feeling ok, best of wishes to you and your family, tate

  4. I'm glad to hear that she's doing well. I'm looking forward to your new music <3

  5. Hope everything went well Tate. I'm not some religious freak but I went to church and lit a candle for you.

    Shit was expensive. (just kidding)