Sunday, September 12, 2010

Animate with Tate! New recording series.

A lot of people have asked in the past for me to do animation tutorials with stick figures. Well, to be honest I'm no where near talented enough to actually give advice properly, so I've decided to simply record myself animating and post a result. This will continue to be a series over time for however long I continue to practice and improve. I'm really hoping it leads toward helping new animators as well!

Constructive criticism is more than welcome, I'm really trying to become a better animator so that I can continue to entertain my viewers.

Also, I've unlocked comments to everyone (which I didn't know I had to do) so that you may actually discuss the movie here! LOL.


  1. i just want to know What animating program you are would help email me plzz...

  2. Here we go! I can finally comment. xD
    Thank you. <3

  3. Hi tate.I was wondering if you could do a animate with tate using sprites.If you want to.Thanks bye