Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kilplix's Comments 2

So a lot of people loved the first one, and asked for me, so I'm delivering. As stated before, I really like doing short casual animations like this one. It only took about half a day to animate this, where as in my serious animations it takes a few days at least (considering I do take a lot of breaks and procrastinate, haha).

Well, anyway. I didn't quite yell as loud in this one during the caps spam due to the fact it was recorded somewhat late, and I didn't want to disturb anyone in the apartment building I live in. I thought about re-recording it but come oooooon. Next time, and the times ahead, I'll definitely be sure to record in the day time when I'm sure I won't disturb anyone. I hate the loss of entertainment value just as much as you guys.

I'm getting a little more creative with facial expressions. Using a different mouse than I'd used for all my other animations, hopefully soon I'll have a tablet in possession. These are always good fun, and great expression practice. If anyone's trying to get better with goofy stuff like this, I highly suggest doing stupid little shorts as well! I'll stop carrying this paragraph on, now.

That's about it, hope you enjoy or enjoyed the movie. Feel free to further discuss it in the comments here!


  1. So what will you try and animate next?

  2. I just animate whatever comes to mind, haha.

  3. Why can't anyone write a proper sentence?

  4. All of your fans are little boys, who stalk you via internet, with friend requests hoping to play with you, and silently masterbait as you blow off the head of a zombie hooker. :D

  5. Ow lol,All of your f*king fans,Might me little kids,that have no life :), Don't mind them , Just still make awesome videos for us,To be laughing,And be cheered up. :D