Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Old comp fried, but alas, a new rig awaits!

Okay so yea. The motherboard in my computer died out, I'll assume it's because I'm a dumb ass and leave the case open at all times because I LOOOOOOST it. Well, because of that I put my video card and a little RAM into my mom's computer and am sharing it with her. It's crap. I hate it.

Well, all bad things aside, my next pay is going to be around $450 or so. With this I'll be building a bit of a new rig and am very excited to do so. I haven't ever owned a good computer, so this is pretty awesome.

Here are the parts I have picked out.

  • ASUS Motherboard. Two PCI 2.0 x16 slots, four 240-Pin RAM slots.
  • AMD Phenom CPU. 3.4GHz quad core.
          (Mobo/CPU combo - $250)
  • 4GBs of DDR3 RAM. - $75
  • 1GIG ATI SAPPHIRE gfx card thingy. $55

I'm psyched I found all this for how cheap it is. I'll be salvaging my old HDD, power supply, and etc from older computers for a bit, until I can upgrade those too.

All parts will be ordered from Newegg.com - Mostly for reliability and 3 day delivery. Also cheap as hell prices.

For now I can barely even play L4D, or animate without freezing up. Hopefully I can keep uploading YouTube videos and stuff. :C


  1. That sucks. When my old computer fried, I didn't know all the cool stuff it had on it. It had a sweet graphics card and a lot of memory. I got a new computer and now I don't have a graphics card. Left 4 Dead looks horrible and lags really bad. :/

  2. Don't worry Tate, just use your Mom's computer for a couple of weeks or so and your rig will come. Days passing really fast now. c:

    I'm getting my new rig on Christmas though, I believe they will have an offer during that time.