Friday, January 14, 2011

Having fun with the Minecraft update!

So, Minecraft Beta 1.2 was put in yesterday to introduce a ton of new content. One of the biggest additions was that of a water mob, which turned out to be a squid that swims around in deeper ends of the water. It's considered a normal animal so it doesn't actually attack players. These drop Ink Sacks, which can be used for another thing that was included! You can now dye wool. Ink Sacks dye it black, and you can use a ton of other stuff for 14 other colors. Needless to say, our house is quite the colorful dwelling.

Well, I Livestreamed it alongside Austin, Cody, Chrissy, and even Jonna for a little while. Check out the recording here -

Note : My net was a little buggy, and my mom likes to make me do stuff for her when I'm Livestreaming. D:

Watch live streaming video from goldentotproductions at


  1. Hah! Now I know your IP address and can come grief your server!!

    What? What are you laughing at? o.o

  2. Silliness aside, your antics amuse me quite a bit, so I'll share my prized Minecraft secret with you.

    If you can put that into the minecraft.jar file into a certain folder, your paintings will become far far cuter!

    If you like it and want specific instructions, I'm not sure how much you know about this stuff after all, then feel free to ask, okay?


  3. By the way, Tate. I decided to do a random good deed once again, so if you have any friends of yours who want Minecraft but don't want to pay; I have ONE code which I just purchased spare.

    Failing that, we can always give it to one of yours or Kilplix's fans, I guess. I won't give it to them without giving them a RIDDLE first though! >3

  4. Yea actually, CD needs it. Would you want to PM me the code on YouTube to give him?

  5. CD? Sorry for my ignorance, but was that your brother in the game? Or was that Ceejay? Blast, I forgot! ><

    At any rate, well, I'll try to but I know not if I can access my youtube account. Maybe I can remember the second one I made temporarily before...

  6. Alright, I sent a message.

    I hope that was really you, or I'm in trouble. XD

  7. Dispensers can be pretty fun if you know how to wire them. I set mine to a pulser, and it automatically launched a full stack of arrows, killed a squid or two by a weird chance. Maybe I can show you and Kilplix some of the redstone logic gates, they're pretty entertaining.