Monday, January 31, 2011


Okay so since I released "How to play Minecraft EXTREME", things have taken a small turn for the better. It's not much but I'm excited. First off, new record on views! 2 days and it's hit 15k views. That's epic for me. Also, my subscriber count has shot up about 300 in 2 days. That's good for me considering my average per day is 20.

I'm so excited for this and it's keeping me super motivated to produce more crap even faster! Guys if you know anyone who you think would like my stuff, don't be shy to spread the word. Every subscriber means a lot.

Thanks for everything <:

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  1. Tate...You are a Fantastical Man, I'm still lovin all yur animations & gameplay footage, keep the laughs-a-comin' ol boy.