Saturday, January 15, 2011


Thanks a lot to RobDeLaMorte for donating a Minecraft gift code my way. I've given it to CD and he can now join us in the Livestream more often without having to use Pepsi's account! This helps a ton! He said he doesn't really have anything that needs a shout out, but if you did I'd totally be posting some links right here man.

Means a lot!

Oh right, he said he's looking for a bookish type shy girl with glasses or something. If you're one of those, be sure to give him your penis.


  1. Women giving dick.
    Most as right.

  2. ><

    I was just kidding about the girl thing. Sheesh... Embaressing me in front of your two fans like that!

    Still, if anyone else looks at these comments, recommend me some freaking Minecraft servers. Preferably ones that keep buildings permenantly, and have no retard system involving "nomads" or somesuch.

    Aka, morons with swords who break your home, kill you and steal your stuff.

  3. And don't recommend the one Tate plays on either.

    I hear the server owner's a noob. >3

  4. You should have said something rob! = o I have a server you can play on! =D

  5. That picture... Weren't you the cosplaying human from Kilplix's fans?

    I'm surprised you remembered me.

    Tell me more about this server, then.

  6. Ah, you told me over DeviantArt? Even better.

    Just don't go reading that journal entry though, or I'll be forced to hunt you down in my giant mecha! ><

  7. I know this is very random, but since I think you played all of these gamers, which one should I buy, Tate? Amnesia, Darkness descent, bfbc2, or tf2?

  8. BFBC2 is what I would pick. I have to buy it back, haha.

  9. One thing Tate; if you have another friend that needs the code, tell me.

    For this next code though, you have to solve a RIDDLE before I'll give you the code if you want it.

    Let's hope your mind is as sharp as your singing voice is on my ears. Kek.


  10. Tate, you need to get more female fans, rawr.

    And send them to me. >3

    Then I'd be able to begin that plan... Kukuku...