Saturday, June 25, 2011

Robot Savior OUT NOW!

So after this long I finally got around to finishing the songs and releasing the album. Of course, it's free, to a limitation. As stated before, Bandcamp allows for free downloads using a ticket count. When these tickets run out (1 ticket is used for each download), I have to charge money for the album. When the tickets are gone the album will only be $3 until I can purchase more tickets (yes, in order to allow you guys to download the album for free I have to pay). Luckily there are some awesome fans who donate every now and then and I use that money to keep the tickets up. And now, here it is.

Advert video :

Album -

Notes about the album -

I think out of them all, my favorite track is definitely "ReInspired". It was inspired mostly by Homestuck music and early Resident Evil games, which can show through very easily. It's definitely a turn from the normal fast paced fuckshit I normally produce (i.e. Batshit Fuckstep).

I love all the songs on this album though, none the less. I worked pretty hard on it, and I think it's a huge improvement from "Respite".

I have a huge project for my next album involving a lot of beat boxing. ;)


    I will definitely support and donate some.
    It's just that awesome.

  2. This is really not my genre of music but this was an exception. I like almost every single one of them :)

  3. Hell, I'll donate for opening up my taste in music and for giving me something to listen to over and over until vomit starts coming out my ears.

  4. I've been waiting so long! Thank you so much Tate! I shall now listen to it on repeat...

  5. Thanks Bunch Tate! You music is improving ALOT! Keep up the good work man :D