Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Woohoo tech gasms.

Well, this month I made a pretty penny and decided I really should fix my computer up a bit. One huge factor about my computer is that ever since I upgraded my CPU, it's been the laggiest crap ever. This is because my motherboard didn't support more than 4 cores of processing. I found a really neat motherboard a while back for $130 that supported 6 cores and had great reviews from gamers, so I decided to bookmark it.

Yesterday I went to order it, and to my surprise the price dropped to 80! I grabbed it so quick. I used every ounce of quickness in my body. That's not a lot, but still.

Decided to use the extra money I saved to grab a 1tb hard drive, since I'm running on about 80 gigs left with mine, and really had nothing to get rid of, plus I plan on doing a lot more recording with the new support the motherboard will give me. I'll be adding the 1tb on top of my 500gb, so that'll get me by for quite a while.

Thanks to this, I'm hoping I can Livestream a lot more. I will test it tonight by Livestreaming my Borderlands session with Austin and Jonna (We've been playing that a lot lately, since neither of them ever actually finished the game. Hopefully I stop crashing too, D:).

Going off on some more nerdgasm news, Crysis 2 had an update I've been anxious for since the game came out. Crysis 2 now supports DX11 and they also released new high resolution textures. This will make the game even more gorgeous than it already was. They have a video of it on their YouTube channel, I think. Other than that there are screenshots at http://mycrysis.com/dx11

I'm super excited to try that out when the computer parts arrive. Yes, they are arriving today, I pumped out the extra 30 bucks for overnight shipping, haha.

Austin keeps assuring me I shouldn't get my hopes too high, which is true. I don't want to expect the best computer ever and just get some small upgrade that will only help out to some extent. I can't help it, though. I always get so giddy about tech stuff, haha.

I guess some links are in order, if you guys are curious as to the parts I'm ordering.


Hard Drive:


  1. One whole Terabyte.. gosh.
    Lucky man.

  2. Me and my bro share a comp some times so since you have a ton of memory you should do what we do... since we buy ON SALE we bought 2 terabyete hard drives like a couple months ago... you should copy all of your stuff onto the hard drive... I know you already know this but I am reminding you to backup your hard drive or you will lose eerything!

  3. Is it weird I had the same Hard-drive saved for later purchase?

  4. Not at all, it's a good selection!