Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feeling worse. x_x

Well, the cough started to clear up and all.. But now it's getting a bit worse. I hadn't eaten in 3 days, and then my mom brought Subway home last night for dinner. I can't ignore that, I love Subway. I ate about half of it and got stuffed, then about 30 minutes later it's for naught. I go into the bathroom to take a pee, then my body buckles over and the next thing I know I'm throwing my entire stomach up into the toilet. It was so odd, like.. No warning. I'd never been so dizzy and confused lol.

I'm trying my luck at a ham sandwich right now. Been drinking a ton of orange juice and water. I think orange juice has become my new favorite drink, haha.

Wish my luck on keeping this sandwich down ;_;


Well.. The sandwich came back up, and pretty violently too. Uhg I feel horrible. Downing some medicine and more OJ, might take a nap.


  1. Aww, you poor thing. :c *pats back*

  2. like I said, get better. I hope you do get better though.

  3. D: nuu! Feel better tate! I'm glad you're (trying to) stay hydrated and I hope the meds work :) throwing up suuucks D:

  4. I always been told CocaCola helps settle your stomach...could try it.
    I always seem to feel better when I drink it :3
    But that might just be the sugar lol

  5. CocaCola that is flat... not fresh... it will make you throw up otherwise

  6. Oh nooo.. :(

    Down that OJ and get lots of rest. Hope you get better soon. :)

  7. I'd try the coke idea but as stated previously I'm trying to block out sodas. ;w;

    Been chugging water and OJ. Nom nom~

    Right now all it is, is a sore throat and a cough. A little stuffy nose but I'm hoping if I can take care of myself I'll be better by tomorrow or the next day.

  8. Try some peppermints if you feel nauseous. Not to eat, to smell. The scent is proven to make nausea go away.

    Also, try ginger. Either in pill form or in ginger ale. That'll also reduce nausea and help keep your food down.

  9. I hope you get better soon Tate D: I've been getting sick as well, only my face got really pale,and I almost passed out 3 times during class. Anyways, get well soon :)

  10. Howdy, I just wanted to say that that you should drink little sips of gatorade one at a time because the electrolytes (science stuff :p)should help. But don't drink too much...or else....
    you + vomit = OH NOES!!!!

    GET WELL SOON!!!p.s. minecraftminecraftminecraftminecraftminecraftminecraftminecraftminecraftminecraftminecraftminecraftminecraftminecraftminecraftminecraftminecraftminecraftminecraftminecraftminecraft? once you get better, of course... :D

  11. HOLY-
    U puked suddenly, too?
    I did, too once.