Saturday, February 12, 2011


Alright so things are off to a good start today.

Woke up at 8am, therefor my sleeping schedule is at a somewhat normal pace. Hoping I can keep it like that for the next week, haha. Been slowly cutting soda out of my diet. Already feeling better! My mother's going grocery shopping today, so actually eating right will take place. I've noticed over the last few weeks my appetite has dropped a ton. Like just now, I'd eaten a sandwich and I feel like I'd be fine if I didn't even finish it. I'm trying to go with that technique for when I get too hungry in between meals to just fill up on water. It works pretty well, haha. Nothing's better to me right now than some ice cold water.

On a financial note, tax returns! I let my mother claim me this year for the extra bit. She walked up to me and handed me $100 out of it, which was a surprise. My luck has it, she took it back later that night after losing her card LOL. She found it this morning, so all is well. She claims to have a "surprise" for me when she comes home today. I hate surprises, all it makes my mind do is go insane, and then the day goes by extremely slow. Hopefully I'll forget about it.

She's currently looking to buy a car. I was looking around craigslist last night, found some good deals. Only problem is that I have a hard time trusting that kind of stuff.

Oh, and another financial note for me. I've gotten "pre roll ads" enabled on my videos on YouTube now. I know a lot of you are probably like "Great, now we have to watch an annoying fucking commercial for 10 seconds before watching your amazing, completely outstanding work". Well.. Yea, basically. This is good for me, though. Being as YouTube is my job, I need to step up and try to make as much out of it as I can. This means focusing more on what the audience enjoys seeing, and trying to make the most out of ad hosting. I've read reviews that with pre roll commercial ads, a partner can make up to 230% more money. This would make things SO much better for me, because as a lot of you know, I'm neck deep in poverty. XD

One more thing. I'm going to try and do a lot more to get the word out about me. This means letting people know that simply telling a friend or two about my channel helps out more than you could imagine. If you guys could do what you can to let people know about my animations or recordings, it would mean the world to me.

That's it for today!


  1. About the craiglist thing, you're right not to be too trusting.

    Trust is good, but you should always question what you are trusting.

  2. I'm gonna go to a random wifi spot and mass click your ads!