Saturday, February 26, 2011

More or less better. XD

Hopefully this will be the last of the sicky blogs. As it stands now, I'm more or less completely fine. I do have a feint sore throat, and a small cough, but that's it. Only thing I need back now is my voice. It's been shot from all the coughing! ;-;

Currently nommin' on some watermelon and thinking to play some Bad Company 2. See ya guys~


  1. Watermelon. I love watermelon :D

    Good to read that you're better.

  2. Well, glad to hear your..slightly better :D

  3. Happy to hear that you're getting better. Hopefully you will fully recover in the next week. :3

  4. i wish you to feel even more beter.... but its good to hear.. =3

  5. Yum watermelon, haven't had that in ages!
    But I'm glad your getting better :)