Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Some serious shit.

Alright so this blog will basically be me opening up to my readers.

Uhh, how to start..

Okay I'll jump right into it. I'm unhealthy. I'm not sick or anything, just.. Unhealthy. I am admittedly obese, and very out of shape. What do you expect from someone who spends their life behind a computer? Herpderp antisocial fat kids.

Well I'm not so much antisocial as I am afraid of the world. All of my friends in real life do drugs, and party. Just about everyone around here does. I tend to try and steer away from that, which ends up keeping me inside all the time. I do plan on getting a car here soon though, so I'll be out and about haha.

Okay back to the point. Obesity. I am fat, and I'm more or less done with it. Starting at this very moment I'm going to begin working toward a more healthy life. TBH something super simple triggered this. I was talking to my friend Austin, and he was talking about eating right and getting his 6 pack to show. I was actually surprised, because I'd seen pictures of him and he's buff, no joke.

Anyway, I decided, you know what? I'm going to do that too. I'm going to start eating right, and working out as much as I can (At a healthy basis, of course). The only thing that's really been standing in my way between me and doing that however, is poverty. Not a lot of people know, but I do live in some extremely harsh financial conditions. If you watch the Livestream a lot, you may notice I eat peanut butter jelly sammiches a lot. Well, that's because it's all my household ever has. It's cheap. A loaf of bread, peanut butter, and jelly. $10 a week feeds me and my mom. Well, as cheap as it may be, it's not healthy in the least bit. Especially considering on the side, it's always Pizza Hut or Burger King. Another factor is my drinking habbits. No, not alchohol. I mean soda. Literally all I drink is Pepsi. I'm dropping it. I look to my right shoulder right now, and two empty 2 liters are standing there after I sucked them down. I'll be replacing that with water.

I know you guys are probably like "Why the fuck do we care?". You don't need to care. I just feel like the only thing that could keep me motivated through this is other people knowing I'm doing it, and the fact that they're curious as to whether I'll be able to do it, or fail.

Let's go a tiny bit more in depth with the poverty. As a LOT of you know, GoldenTotProductions' youtube channel is my job. I am a YouTube partner and currently I rely on the income it brings in. YouTube partners or adsense hosts get paid any time someone views, or clicks on the hosts ad content. Partners earn a share of the income brought in by that click or view. Anyway, my mom also had 2 jobs. She works as a server at a New York themed resteraunt, and she worked a little during the week at Burger King. Burger King paid the rent right on the spot most of the time, and the main job payed most of the bills. Well, she recently lost her job at Burger King and I have to fill the cap. So now, using YouTube, I'm supporting myself as well as half of my mother's needs. I don't mind considering she's housed and taken care of me for the last 20 years, but it dents my plans.

Eating right costs a little money. A little money I don't have. Basically what I'm going to do is be more responsible with my money and every bit I don't spend on bills, will go towards a healthy diet. I'm planning fruits and vegies for about 90%, and maybe sometimes a cooked dinner with the mom. I don't know about you guys but I freaking LOVE fruits. I could eat them all day, and the beauty of it is that you can with almost no penalty to your weight loss goals.

Anyway, yea. I'm almost considering doing a video thing about it for extra motivation, but good lord I'm camera shy. LOL.

You guys are more than welcome to throw me suggestions. Work out tips for a fat kid that has no energy, food suggestions, and so on.

Sorry for the extremely long entry, I just wanted to get it off my chest. :)


  1. That's awesome, I really hope you get there.

  2. Yeah bro, good luck.. Sounds like some harsh shit. :(
    Me myself.. I'm not the healthiest person alive either, but unlike you, I am 17, and my parents still have enough money to come around, and to provide me with meals, even though they, too, lost their jobs very recently. *Fuck you economical crisis* Soon, this shit will fuck us over too. We're like, at the edge of not eating 2 meals a day anymore..
    But yes.. I support you for like over9000% man. Good luck with everything. I hope it (and you ;)) works out! :)

  3. I would give you some tips... But I'm not the most healthiest either, but your plan sounds good. I wish you the best of luck! :)

  4. lol i just remembered a video on youtube for smosh its a little comedy for excercise i think its like exercise for fat kids or something but its pretty funny

  5. Good luck dude, I wish you the best :) I love the attitude you have with all this and I'm glad you're trying hard to change your weight. I can't offer many tips, other than don't overwork yourself. I'm also... rediculously unhealthy. Fortunately, for now, I'm 15 and have a really high metabolism, so I can handle it for now. But still, good luck dude and I hope it all works out :) You can do it! :D

  6. The only tip I would know to give you, is to not push yourself at the start and to keep going at it and don't give up on it.

    The best way I think to start getting healthier is maybe going out for walks around your street, house or even park, then possibly building it up in jogging.

    anyway that's just my two cents thrown in there.

  7. Heyoo, just wishing you Good Luck on yur health journey :D
    I'm on the large side myself ^^' trying to get healthy isn't easy for me...just not motivated enough Haha.
    but i hope you get the results you want :)

  8. This isn't much, but you can try setting up your computer so that you have to stand to use it, since standing takes a lot more energy than sitting does. You'll notice it about an hour in.
    Good luck, though. Just don't give up and you'll be fine.

  9. Not trying to sound creepy or anything, but because you're serious about this: my mum is great with weight loss help, like work out tips and dieting and stuff with a tight budget. I could get a list of that stuff for you off her if it'd help any.

  10. I need to work out too! Work off my flab and tone my legs. We could get healthy together! Motivate each other!

    I'll also make some donations so you can buy healthy food. :3

  11. Well there are alot of cubby kids around the net,lets see try doing something that gets you moveing when you are gowing to upload a vid,i mean like when it uploading and prossesing do some jumping jacks,i hope this tip helps.

  12. Hey man, this is really great that you're doing this. Don't be embarrassed, you should be proud.

    Now that you've gotten up the nerve to work toward this goal, you're well on your way.

    The one thing you need to do is keep motivated! Motivation is key to accomplishing anything.

    I'm afraid I can't help much on the financial side, we're all hurting here. :/

    As for losing weight, just start slow, like with what you're doing with cutting soda, and go out for walks. Also, set some milestones for you to reach, the whole thing will seem a whole lot less daunting.

    Good Luck! I'm sure I speak for the majority of us when I say that we're all rooting for you!

  13. You go Tate! I know personally what goes into losing weight and becoming more self-confident, but at the end of the day you got all of your fans and friends here to support you and help you through it so I know you can do it! c:

  14. Great to hear about the change! I wish you all the best.
    Obviously, things will be taken slowly, but over time - the change will be a huge difference.
    Work out tips?
    Walking for now. Even if it's for a small while - till you gain more energy.
    If you're sitting down, try 'jiggling' your legs up and down for a bit (it becomes a habit for some people, like myself). It's a small movement - but it burns calories.
    Good luck!

  15. My aunt tried to get me to stick to a diet because she wanted me to get in the army (which it turns out I can't because I'm half-deaf). Well...she didn't. I had to do research. First off, don't EVER do one of those advertised diet plans. They never work, and they'll suck your money faster than a garbage disposal. Not that it was ever up to consideration in the first place. *lost up to 400 dollars for shitty Jenny Craig because of a binding contract*

    The one thing to keep in mind is calories. Everything you eat has a number of calories that corresponds to how much energy your taking in- balancing it between that and how much you burn up (i.e. exercise) will make the difference. I can't tell you how much calories you need at your height and stature, but what I do know is that lowering the calorie intake will force your body to burn up reserves (i.e. fat) for energy, and thus, weight loss.

    So its all a matter of eating low calorie stuff and adding more activity. Fruits and vegetables are prime examples and you can eat as much as needed to satisfy your hunger, and water helps make the energy-burning process much more effective (I've learned to keep a big water bottle around me so I don't have to keep making trips downstairs for water). Doesn't mean you can't eat your favorite stuffs, like a Burger King Hammich or PB&J- you just need to keep track of how much calories you take it in a day and adjust the rest of your meals to fit. Then again, keeping away from the grease would help as well. Also, don't eat the same foods all the time, even the good ones. If you had an apple, steak, and broccoli one day, have a pineapple, salmon and spinach the next. Put a lot of variety in your diet, especially those with the nutrients you need (protein, calcium, etc).

    Oh, and it'd help if you have a cut-off time for eating for the day, depending on what time you sleep. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn't eat anything after 6 or 8 PM.

    Exercise doesn't have to be intense as weight-lifting if you're not used to it. Can be as simple as stretching or taking a walk, and as you get more used to it, you build up to more strenuous activities. Its always about pushing your body to work harder, because once its settled in a routine, it adjusts itself to fit it so it only burns what's needed to complete it. You have to keep it guessing, so make your work out routine varied, like going cardio one day and doing...another type of exercise another. Building muscle mass also helps with energy-burning.

    And finally, the best way to keep track of your progress is a weighing scale. Forget the mirror or what people are saying about your appearance. The best time to do it is in the morning (anytime after getting up but before eating or drinking anything). Don't obsess about not losing a few pounds for the day- some people lose it faster than others, sometimes only losing two pounds in a span of 3-7 days.

    Phew. That was a lot. >3> But yeah, I was in the same position as you and people left me to figure out how to lose weight, so I did a ton or research. You should, too- the internet is chockful of information to help. What it will not be able to help you with is motivation, which I think is the single most important factor that makes or breaks the entire thing. But I think that being able to post your progress here in your blog is a start, knowing that people are here to help support you through it all.

    Anyway, hope my massively long-winded post helps. Trust me, this is only a very brief rundown of a load of other things to learn about weight loss, and it would behoove you to look up on it. :>

  16. That sounds rough, dude. If you have stairs in your house, I would just walk up and down them a few times extra everyday. Good luck, I hope you end up on the positive side of things in the near future! :)

  17. Tate you can do it! honstly if you stop drinking soda you will lose 20-40 pounds easy thats how i lost a lot of weight, i would chug it all the time and since ive stopped around a year and a half ago ive lost 20 -40 pounds! you can do it tate!!!!!!

  18. Just so you know, even posting stuff like this over the Internet takes a lot of courage, even if you can't see the people reading it. Just knowing that tons of people are going to read this is embarrassing and pouring your heart out to strangers like this takes a LOT of guts! And to us fans, it's quite endearing. c:

    I, too, was quite out-of-shape, not overweight, I just never exercised. As a kid I played a lot of sports, but dropped them all when I entered high school because it was too much hassle. I've always been a huge computer and gaming nerd as well, so I immersed myself in those two things and I wasn't eating right or getting any exercise whatsoever. My mom always told me to at least try to be healthy, but I never listened because hey, I was skinny, that means I'm healthy, right?

    Well, no. I got a blood test and I had extremely high cholesterol and I started having problems even just running. So come New Year I made a resolution to start to be more healthy, like what you're doing!

    Although with your financial situation being so tight, I doubt you can use the same methods I did to get in shape, but I'll give them to you anyway.

    I boxed nearly everyday, mostly because I was EXTREMELY angry at myself for letting myself go so much, plus it relieves stress. I also started biking, and there's this huge hill that I used to have to walk my bike up, but every day I got closer and closer to reaching the top without getting off the bike, and when I could finally do it the feeling was AMAZING!

    Just walking or running will help though. You can go until you feel tired, make sure to push yourself, just not too hard. Every day you'll get a little farther and you'll feel the difference and it feels great. c:

    And yeah, eating right helps A LOT. In fact, it's imperative to your health to eat the correct foods. I'd cut soda out completely and just drink tap water to save money so you can buy things like vegetables and fruits and all that good stuff. It's also important to have tons of meat and protein, along with the greens (even if you loathe them).

    You can still have foods you like, of course, like Pizza Hut and Burger King, just not on a regular basis. It's also up to you to burn the calories you take in from them later.

    Tate, just know we're all here and rooting for you. It might be strange coming from a stranger, but I do believe you can do it if you put your mind to it, as cheesy as it sounds.

    I wish you the best of luck!

  19. forest of the treesFebruary 9, 2011 at 7:42 PM

    Hey Tate, its awesome that your're starting to get into shape.

    just one tip if you're gonna work out. Keep it small at first. i remembered when i started working out like a year ago and i could barely get down my street with out breaking out into a sweat.

    its been building up into a year, and with a bike, i go out cycling over 20 miles everyday (when i have the time) after school or something like that.

    you just need to take it easy and make goals for yourself.

    just keep progressing and stick with it.


  20. Thanks for all the support, guys. It's overwhelming, as well as encouraging, haha.

  21. Im not really a Healthy Person either im 12 and weigh like 130 grams so now im here to give some tips

    1)Eat fruit atleast 3 times a day (make it a dessert for your meals)

    2)To get over your cravings of meat bury urself to your Hobby

    3)Try to Atleast do some Jumping jacks each morning

    4)Try to Stay away from your computer all day (and If you cannot do it find someone to put a Password in it so you cannot use it)

    Thats all the tips I thought off hope it helps

  22. Oh wait
    4)try "NOT" to stay on the computer all day

  23. Unforunatly if I said I know what your going through, that would be a lie. But just admiting whats wrong and trying to find a way to fix it shows a really intellegnt person. So I wish you the best of luck with your enlightening plan, were all cheering you on.

  24. Wow :O I never thought as Tate as unhealthy....
    And I'm being 100% serious 0.0
    But I also went through it, when I was actually addicted to World of Warcraft xD but, I was like 14, and I barely play WoW anymore.
    My tips are to keep your metabolism up, meaning (what I did) eat every 2 hours, but they have to be really small meals. And I drank lots of water, I went to the gym every so often too. :P
    Hope this helps :3