Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Minecraft Beta 1.3

Holy poop the updates give me a raging boner.

New lighting engine for high detail smooth lighting, new items included beds. These are the only things that really came out but they're EPIC!

The game looks amazing now with the smoother lighting, rather than blocky shading. Also, the beds. When you sleep in a bed during the night time, it instantly becomes daytime (In multiplayer everyone has to be in a bed)

Might stream tonight if I stop coughing.


  1. Aww Man, when I tried out the Bed for the 1st time..I Freaked The Frak Out xDD so cool.

  2. People say the beds sort of glitched the spawning, so that even in a well lit room they're still woken up by hostile stuff.

    I'm afraid of using the bed out of peaceful difficulty, though. I REALLY don't want to wake up and suddenly CREEPERFACE OHSHI-

    There's also the new 'mob finder'- if you press F3, mobs will have a tag above their heads like players. Makes it really useful in dungeons. :3

  3. Actually, I heard that when you get woken up by a mob you go back to sleep, then when you wake up whatever woke you up is gone.