Friday, December 24, 2010


So, on the east coast it's CHRISTMAS! You know what that means? MOTHER FUCKING EGG NOG ALCHOHOL DRINKS.

Well, maybe not so much, but presents and family gatherings! Also, I TURN 20 TOMORROW! :DDDD

Today I'm going to spend Christmas at my grandma's house. Dinner will be an annual dosage of BBQ, and we will sit at the fireplace watching Christmas specials on TV while opening presents.

I ordered her an Elvis Presley CD for Christmas, like she wanted. Top 31 hits! It was pretty cheap on Amazon C:. Also, my mom's christmas gift is me paying the electric bill for her LOL.

Also, I got carried away with my spendings and bought myself a new computer desk and chair. Also A TABLET! Fiiinallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Super excited. :)))))))

Tell me how your Christmas went, or your plans!


  1. it was very very very guud.........well i bet it will 2morow lol.

  2. Talon: I DO NOT KNOW YET TATE! It's 7:30 in Chicago and my parents asked e not to wake them up until 9:00. Well everyone else is asleep and I am playing Garrys Mod. I will tell you how our X-mas's went when Dominiq wakes up and I contact Liam on Facebook( He moved to Texas back in October) Merry Christmas to U Tate and all else who read this!

  3. Merry Christmas Tate :D I got mainly clothes and Epic Mickey :) some stuff for my phone and what not :D Congratz on your tablet ^^ I also got a 20$ Ultimate Game Card so im gonna nerd out with that 8D

  4. You finally gotz a tablet? That's cool! Maybe you can make more stuff now. :3
    Oh, you're going to be so old tomorrow.

    Merry Christmas to you (and everyone else). I haven't opened my gifts yet, but I assume it's clothes.

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  6. meh, my Christmas was ok. I got a new headset and computer chair, also got me some Crysis Warhead. Been playing that ever since. Koreans are fun to kill in Crysis <3