Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years

Hey guys, so it's New Years Eve and I'm super excited for the oncoming events. I wanted to go over a few things I plan doing over the next year, or next couple months depending on how lazy or productive I am.

First - Recap. Last year held a lot of importance to GoldenTotProductions as a channel for entertainment. It went from animation style to animation style, and even became a career. For those who haven't been around too long, here's what I'm talking about. GoldenTotProductions started out as a sprite animation channel based on the popular MMORPG Maple Story. From the start to the end, it built up a pretty good sized fan base. Well, in the long run I wanted my animations to take me somewhere. I was sick of using someone else's work and not being able to be 100% original, so I dropped sprites. Mid 2010, GoldenTotProductions was no longer known as a sprite animation channel, but moved onto drawn animations. This mostly consists of stick animated comedies, but there are a few that are more detailed.

Soon after moving onto stick figures, I was contacted by YouTube to sign up for the partnership program. For those who don't know what partnership is, it's when you agree to have Google advertise on your movies in turn for a % of that income, as well as promotion. You know those ads when you view someone's video, or website that are by Google? Well, when those ads are clicked or viewed, the owner of the content makes money. That's how GoldenTotProductions is literally my job, now. In terms of promotion, your videos are pulled up closer to the top of searches, and even have a chance to appear on the front page of YouTube. You also get the availability to brand your channel to be unique, such as with a banner like on my page.

Well, now that I've gone over all that, I'll tell you what I have planned! As I've been talking about a lot lately, I did order a tablet. It will be here on Monday (Delivery keeps getting postponed, ffff), and I've never been more excited! This will be a huge step in my animation career. This will allow me to move on from the less detailed world of stick figure animation, toward the amazingly detailed and complex world of full body animation. This means instead of stick people doing funny stuff, they will be more like.. I guess I wanna say Egoraptor, since he's my main inspiration LOL.

Well. Yea. Once all is said and practiced, I want to get into a lot more animating. I want to do a lot more comedies, and even start a series with a nice plot and such.

That's really it. What to start the new year off with..? How about a new Kilplix's Comments! Haven't seen one of those in a while, eh? c:


  1. You are the best, bro. Just clicked an ad on your video 15x. Have fun. ;)
    Also, I wish you the best of everything in 2011! Good luck on further developing GoldenTotProductions! Kick Bungie of the throne of world domination! >=D

  2. Happy New Years Tate! Hope you had a good one, and look foward to enjoying your silliness in 2011 :)

  3. Happy New Year Tate! :D
    Can't wait for your tablet to come in, and thanks for explaining you career a little more, this will help for when I start animating as well.