Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tablet on it's way!

Okay. Finally did it. I ordered a tablet! I've already stated it, but this is a pretty big thing for GoldenTotProductions as an animated entertainer. Basically, every animation you've seen me do is drawn with a mouse, and poorly at that. Well, no longer! My animations will now look amazing! Super exciting, right?

If you don't know what a tablet is, it's an input device you plug into your computer known as an "electronic notepad". You're given a pen, and a pad, and what you do on it is draw! Whatever you draw on the tablet, shows up in whatever art program you have open on your computer. It can also be used as an alternative mouse, but it's primary use is art.

With this, there is a 90% chance I'll move from stick figures to full body comedies, and maybe a series of some sort.

Here's the tablet I ordered - Genius G-Pen F509



  1. Cool, I can't wait to see what your full body and other new animations look like!

  2. Lil' late, but just wanted to say dude, that looks just like my old tablet. XD Except mine was a Philippine-made brand and cheaper (around 40 bucks or so). But it lasted a good long time and still works, though I've since gotten a Bamboo Fun to replace it (on a silly whim. I thought the tablet died >.<).

    Its pretty good tablet for noobs, as it gets you acquainted to the weird hand-eye coordination you have to get used to and has a decent amount of pressure sensitivity to try. I put a piece of paper on top just to get a little bit more friction goin' when I draw, though.