Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New set up with HORRIBLE pictures!

So as I stated a couple blogs ago, I ordered a new desk. Well, it came, and I built it. Alone. It took about 4 hours, and I couldn't sleep last night because my hands and forearms were so sore LOL.

I'm very happy with it, and I took a few VERY low quality pictures of it. I need a new camera. This is taken with my mom's crappy cell.

In this picture above, it's a front view of my desk. You can see my couch too, I have that pulled up to it, sitting back as I'm on the computer. This is because my chair hasn't come in yet. Super comfy, yo. 

In this one, it's the view as if you were sitting in front of it. I have dual screen monitors, that barely fit. The 2nd monitor is an old bulky one, I'm going to replace it with another 23". You can also see my subwoofer below it olol.

This is the very dark under part of my desk where my speaker system is set up, along with my tower.

(This is what the desk is supposed to look like. I removed the door on the top right because my monitor is too big.

And that's basically it. My chair should be here today, and I'll be cleaning the hell out of my room. :'D


  1. I can't tell what I am looking at, what kinda phone are you using that is suck so much?

  2. I dunno, some crap from Cricket. Getting an iPhone next month so I'll take better pictures then.

  3. Thank you, I can't even tell what that is without the outlines you had drawn, I wanna see it in detail though.

  4. That is one sexy desk, you have there, Tate.