Friday, December 17, 2010

Maple rage

Well, as those who've played, you know the new patch changed a LOT. Well, for the most part I love it, but there's one downside.

From level 90 to 120, you can't freaking train. They limited the good EXP to a single map, and EVERYONE in the entire game swarms it. I'm going to play a lot less until Nexon's done something about this, from what I hear it'll soon be changed again.

Bluh, yea.


  1. I'll just nod and pretend I know what you're talking about.



  2. That must suck, with all of the publicity that it is getting on other sites it must be getting a ton of gamers just wanting to try it out, and seeing how you play it it must be addicting. And if you could, you don't have to, get an average amount of gamers in the room at once.

  3. May I ask what map this is? I play EMS, and the BB-patch hasn't arrived yet. We just got Evan. Lol fail.
    But yeah, I agree with you completely. Nexon fucked up everything on MS. I remember the good old days, where you only had Warriors, Bowmen, Mages and Thieves. No fucking around, no over9000x EXP bonusses, and no fucked up economy. FML. *Emos*

  4. would you be referring to galloperas?