Thursday, December 9, 2010

LUL MapleStory

Yup. I'm playing again. As always (if you've kept up with me since I played Maple), I'm in Broa.

The new patch is super cool. The entire game has changed and it's SOOO easy to level now. If I wasn't lazy and kept getting sidetracked I'd be 50 by now, and I just started the character a day ago. <:

Check out the details on the MapleStory website!


  1. I know this is very random, but have you ever heard of the old arcade game polybuis? It is supposed to be a game made for army purposes of torture... I watched some videos on it and did research and it scares me... but I think it might be something you would like so go ahead and research it if you want to. And if you wanna read about it here is a wiki first accounting of it

  2. Yea... sorry i was like tired at like no sleep levels... the thing is there is a game... it made people go crazy... check out the wiki... thats it in simple form :P