Thursday, December 23, 2010

[Maple] Battle Mage / Wild Hunter

Warning - This is partially a rage filled blog.

Okay so the new "Resistance" line up of classes game out. Currently we are able to play Battle Mages and Wild Hunters. In January, Mechanics will be released.

Think about this before you make one - Do you want to get KS'd like fuck, or KS other people like fuck?

Yea, that's how the resistance work. I chose a Battle Mage since I was never a fan of archer classes in any game I've played, and here's how it works. You find a map to train in, level up, have some fun, and then a Wild Hunter comes in and starts KSing the shit out of you for no reason. You ask them politely to CC, they either ignore or flame you. Okay whatever, find a new channel. You do! Just so happens the very next channel is empty. 5 minutes into your new channel, a Wild Hunter comes in and begins to KS the fuck out of you again. This goes on and on and on.

If you ever see a Wild Hunter train, they almost never bother KSing other Wild Hunters, but as soon as they see a Battle Mage, they go all out on them. I don't know what the obsession with making others want to quit a game due to the community is, but it seems almost every KSer I've ever encountered is fucking foreign. No offense to you foreigners who actually play the game fairly and along with other people, but what the FUCK.


  1. It's always the Spanish people. You should know that by now. =P

  2. I know exactly how you feel. GOD. I joined maplestory again after like... months. I started playing and was having a lot of fun and leveling up and shit... but I've noticed that the maplestory community has been slowly becoming more and more bitchy :/ like seriously. i just wanna scream at every1 "You're all fucking nooobs! Get the fuck over yourself and dont be an ass! just enjoy the fucking game" >:I ... yes i stole a comment space to rant too 8D

  3. I had to wait like a week before I could actually train my Battle Mage :(