Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Final Fantasy MMO addictionssss.

So the other day I'd gotten Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Collection on sale, figured why not? First month is free with the purchase. Funny thing is, it's on sale for $5 today, when it was on sale for $10 yesterday. Oh well.

Anyway, I know all the Final Fantasy and Square Enix generall MMORPGs have gotten pretty bad reviews in the past but I'm actually enjoying FFXI. It's not much, but it's definitely a time killer. I looked up FF XIV and the monthly fee is the same, and it's a newer version. Graphics, gameplay, and so on. From what I see the battle system is basically identical to FFXI, but the main flaw with me playing FFXI 5 years after the release is that no one plays it anymore. What I'm gonna do when I get payed and gather Christmas / Birthday monies I'm gonna get Final Fantasy XIV and play that for a while.

One thing I'd like to say about my YouTube channel, and regarding me not really uploading anything lately. It's basically because I've been enjoying my free time, spending it towards gaming mostly. Most of my PC life was spent doing boring things like browsing and animating because my computer was never that great, and now that I can game I guess I'm trying to make up for lost time haha.

Well, tomorrow (being whenever I wake up), I'm going to start on a new Q&A. What I'm going to do with these from now on is select 5 questions from the comments and answer them. Why only 5? Because I want to incorporate actual animation and entertainment in them, rather than a still image while I ramble on. The Q&A will become a series and in the long run hopefully give people a lot of insight toward me and a lot of entertainment.


Next up.. Birthday!

My birthday is coming up! Along with my friend Dollia's. Our birthday is on the same day 8D

December 26th! I'll be turning 20 and she'll be turning 17. I'm so upset I won't be a teenager anymore ;_;..

Well, hope you guys have a great holiday season. I'll probably post another blog on Christmas to let you guys know how mine went and to ask how yours was!


  1. The Q&A sounds like it should be a good idea, as long as people can generate intelligent, yet funny, questions for you to answer.
    Happy Early birthday! At least your closer to being able to drink legally, so that's something to look forward too.

  2. The Q&A thing is a really great idea, i think alot of people who watch your stuff will be pleased, if they see your style of animating and some simple, yet hilarious humor in the video's.

  3. A har har, why thank you for including me birthday buddy! 8D