Sunday, December 26, 2010

My birthday comes to a close.

Welp, 20 minutes left here on the east coast of my birthday. It was a pretty good one!

Basically all I did was Livestream vidya games and chat with my birthday buddy Dollia (It's her birthday, too xD) but it was generally a good day. Grams (my grandma) stopped by and dropped off my Christmas/Birthday gifts from her and Dad. She overworked herself this year so she didn't go shopping, she just gave everyone money, and that's fine with me!

I actually just woke up from a little long nap, so yaaay. One thing I'm happy about is finally paying Pepsi back for Black Ops. I feel bad for paying him back so late, but I only get payed once a month so poo!

Whelp. I'm 20 now. I'mma go be old and stuff. Bye!


  1. Happy Birthday Tate! Hope you had fun :D

  2. Happy birthday Tate, well if you had fun, which you most likely did, that means one birthday was worth it in the line of one hundred you might have, that might be really confusing. Well here is a video to cheer you up

  3. Happy Bday, big young old man :D *Hugs*

  4. Omg my birthday is the day after yours :D